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Life at Fox Mountain

Typical Day at Camp

At Fox Mountain, there is no one "typical day" at camp. Every day is filled with new and exciting adventures, outings, activities, and of course lots and lots of our famous surprises! Below is what a day at Fox may look like - in general, meals and morning activities are spent as cabin groups, while afternoons allow campers to choose 2-3 electives. At night, everyone at camp comes together for campfires, dances, variety shows, cabin mania or other exciting all-camp night activities! Our high school programs generally include workshops each morning, and electives and all-camp activities each afternoon and night.

Example Day:

6:00 AM - Morning Mania

For the early birds among us, you can come down to the lodge for the optional "Morning Mania". Each day is a new activity, from "minute to win it games" to trivia to a wacky obstacle course, you never know what will be waiting for you before most of the camp is even awake!

Waking up in cabin

7:00 AM - Wake Up

Wake up each morning in your cabin, ready for a full new adventure. After getting ready for the day, your counselor finds some leftover red paint from the color wars the day before, and you decide to paint everyone's faces and make it a zombie breakfast!

7:45 AM - Morning Flag

After everyone is appropriately zombied, its off to morning flag. After the flags are raised with our usual flag chant, the whole camp sings the famous Fox Theme Song to celebrate the start of the day.

8:00 AM - Breakfast

Then, you and your cabin sit down for a family-style meal in the dining hall. This morning is the chef's specialty, bacon and eggs! After your cabin finishes, you scramble outside for a quick game of basketball!

Summer camp color wars

9:00 AM - Morning Activities

Today is Color Wars! Your cabin decks out in facepaint and bandanas, and compete against other teams in relays and challenges. Its a wacky and wild morning filled with unique camp fun. Then, after the color wars wrap up, your counselor announces a surprise scavenger hunt which ends in a delicious surprise for everyone in your cabin!

12:00 PM - Lunch

When you arrive back at camp you are surprised to learn the zombie apocolypse is spreading! The other cabins have taken to your idea, and now the entire camp has become zombified! After a delicious lunch of hamburgers, salad, and veggie strips, you and your cabin decide to play a round of action packed ga-ga before cabin time.

GaGa at camp

1:00 PM - Rest Hour/Cabin Time

After a morning filled with amazing games, you and your group enjoy a quiet hour in your cabin. Because tonight is the big campfire, you decide to spend most of the cabin time planning a hilarious skit about the grape ape; the ape who dresses in a full purple suit and roams camp during the summer. After the final touches are put on the skit, you and a friend decide to write a letter home and play a quick game of ga-ga.

2:00 PM - Afternoon Electives

Archery at sleepaway camp

After resting up, you and your friends are ready for some more adventure! The day is a bit hot, so you decide to spend your first elective cooling off at the pool playing Fox's "dunkerball". Then, it's off to arts and crafts where you make a tie-dye pillow case that you can use the rest of the session! Finally, you decide to try your hand at archery, and are able to score a bull's eye! Looks like you may be safe after all in the zombie apocolypse!

5:30 PM - Dinner

As everyone approaches dinner, they find that the dining hall has been completely transformed. Today, dinner becomes a game show with teams participating in trivia in the new gameshow "Camperdy". The best part is the commercials, where everyone pitches wacky uses for everyday products. Your counselor pitches toothpaste as a hat, and you decide to show off the classic napkin mittens!

6:30 PM - Cabin Time

Back at the cabin, its the final preparations for the big campfire. Your cabin decides to dress up for the night in mismatched clothing, for a wacky tacky campfire!

Slime your counselor

7:00 PM - Night Activity

The whole camp comes together at the big amphitheater, and the campfire is lit for everyone to see. The night includes awesome skits, songs, and even a few games. Then, everyone gathers around to make smores, and you quickly learn the Fox secret to the perfect smore! Finally, the counselors tell classic camp stories as the fire smolders out.

9:00 PM - Cabin Time

Everyone is exhausted as the camp night winds down. Some other cabin mates are playing a board game, and you decide to take the time to read another chapter in one of your favorite books and write in your journal about your adventures of the day. Then you all lie in bed as your counselor tells one of their famous nighttime stories to close out the day.

10:00 PM - Lights Out