Night Activities

When Camp REALLY Comes Alive!

Night adventures in San Diego

Each and every night is an exciting adventure as the whole camp gathers for some high-energy, unique nighttime activities. Get the traditional camp experience as we gather around the campfire, enjoy our own spin on movie night, and of course enjoy an end of session theme dance. Our exact nighttime calendar of events will be released shortly, but here is just some of the fun we have planned for this summer:

Campfire in San Diego

Opening & Closing Campfire

A time-honored Fox tradition, join us around the campfire for skits, smores, stories, and good old fashion camp fun! We start and end each session right with an authentic fire at one of our two fire pits. It just wouldn't really be camp without a campfire!

Gameshow night at Camp Fox

Game Show Night

A staple of the Fox Mountain Adventures camp! Our gameshow night is bigger and better each and every year, and the winner is awarded the chance to be covered in slime! From a live-action board game with each cabin creating a human "token" to move around a giant board to a trivia and physical challenge extravaganza, the gameshow night is an action packed night of fun for everyone!

Nighttime Laser Tag Spy Adventure

Nighttime Laser Tag through Camp

An extraordinary end to our spy adventure day, our camp transforms into a full-size laser tag arena! Duck around cabins and play under the stars! Campers play several games including capture the flag, tessarect retrieval, and old-school laser tag free for all. This is one night the campers just can't get enough of!

Poolside movies San Diego

Fox Floating Film Festival

A movie night with a twist! Campers dive in to our outdoor pool and screen movies right on the water. Plus, we screen the camper's own movies from earlier in the week right along with our Hollywood feature film!

Craziest counselor competition at summer camp

Craziest Counselor Pageant

Another camper favorite! Our craziest counselor pageant is the most outrageous beauty pageant around. Campers dress up their counselors in the most wild and crazy costumes possible. Then, we host a huge pageant where campers and counselors can show off their ridiculous creations for all of camp to see.