Dressing up at summer camp

Staff Rules

Counselor Expectations

In order to maintain a safe, camper-friendly environment, the following staff rules and expectations are strictly enforced at Fox Mountain Adventures. Working with campers is a fun and lifechanging experience, and we strive to create a healthy, positive community which involves all staff adhering to a common set of regulations.


All staff are required to attend our full staff training, where we will teach our various electives, learn innovative skills for working with kids and teens, and prepare for the upcoming summer. Staff training in 2017 will take place from July 3 - July 8.

Drugs and Alcohol

Staff will not have any drugs or alcohol onsite at any point during their employment at Fox Mountain Adventures. The legal drinking age in California is 21 years old, and any staff who provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 are in direct violation of California law and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Staff are also required to remain fully sober during all work hours, and any staff under the age of 21 found under the influence of alcohol or any staff under the influence of any illicit drug at any point during the summer will be immediately dismissed as an employee of the camp.

Child Abuse and Sexual Harrassment

Any form of corporal punishment, including sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse, will result in immediate termination of the camp employment. In addition, Fox Mountain will report any such incidents with the proper law enforcement agency for further investigation.

Behavior and Grooming

At Fox Mountain, we believe staff have a right to self expression and independence. However, when working with campers, all staff are expected to be role models and demonstrate responsiblity at all times. Clothing must be appropriate for kids, which includes no clothing depicting violence, sex, drugs, or alcohol, no shirts cut to show cleavage or midriffs, and shorts must cover the full bottom at all times including while sitting. In addition, during all work hours staff must avoid foul language, including cursing, bringing up sexual or other topics not appropriate for children, or talking negatively about staff or campers (gossiping).


Unlike our campers, staff are welcome to bring electronics to camp. However, Fox Mountain Adventures is not responsible for any possessions which are lost, stolen, broken, or otherwise damaged while at camp. In addition, electronic devices are only to be used while on breaks or off-time, and only out of sight of the campers. Private staff quarters, the staff lounge, or off-site are all great places for staff to use any of their electronic devices.


Our staff are welcome to bring their own vehicles onsite during their stay at Fox. Fox Mountain is in no way responsible for any theft or damage to any vehicles brought onsite. Staff are also never to transport campers at any time in personal vehicles, and any staff found to have transported a camper in their vehicle without permission will result in immediate termination.

Room and Board

As part of compensation for working at Fox Mountain Adventures, room and board will be provided for the duration of employment at Fox Mountain. In addition to living in cabin most weeks, staff will have access to a private or semi-private staff room to keep any and all personal belongings. Staff also will have access to a staff room, laundry facilities, and internet while staying with us at Fox!