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Camp Safety

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At Fox Mountain Adventures, safety is our highest priority. We understand that, as a parent, you put a lot of trust into any organization that looks after the wellbeing of your child. We take this responsibility very seriously. At Fox, safety starts with our team of highly skilled and extensively trained staff, who recognize and pro-actively respond to all of our camp's health and safety concerns. Here are some of the ways we ensure your child's physical and emotional safety while they join us at Fox:

Physical Safety


The primary response to any safety concern is prevention. This includes extensive emergency procedures and health and wellness policies put in place long before campers arrive. Our standards all meet or exceed the standards established by the American Camp Association and the state of California. Our director team also review all camper enrollment forms prior to each session to identify any pertinent food allergies, medical concerns, and other health notes to ensure campers receive the proper care.

In addition, each of our specialty activities, such as rock climbing and archery, are taught by certified professionals with appropriate training and experience. Our pool is also staffed with a certified lifeguarding team, and all activities are inspected throughout the summer to ensure they are in good repair. Campers of all ages are supervised 24/7, including in the cabins each night. For the safety of everyone at camp, campers found to be out of their cabin unsupervised after lights out are subject to dismissal.


Although we do extensively train our staff at how to prevent most injuries, we are always ready for any incident which may affect the campers. All our counselors are First Aid and CPR Certified, and our lifeguard staff are also certified in First Aid and CPR for the professional rescuer. For minor cuts, scrapes, or other basic first aid, our counselors carry a first aid kit at all times and are trained to provide immediate care. For more serious health concerns, Fox employs an onsite camp nurse with a full nurses station including an onsite AED. For any life threatening or medically serious issues, emergency first responders are just five minutes away, with the nearest medical clinic approximately 10-15 minutes away.

Emotional Safety

Types of Emotional Safety Issues


Homesickness is one of the most prevalent emotional safety concerns at camp. Being homesick is a normal response for youth (and adults) to being away from home for a prolonged period, often for the first time.


Fox Mountain has a zero tolerance policy for any bullying taking place at camp. Our 2:10 staff ratio helps our counselors connect with each and every camper, so they can proactively address potential serious issues. Any camper found to be bullying another camper will be immediately sent home without refund.


Similar to bullying, Fox Mountain Adventures has a zero tolerance policy for any type of harassment between campers and/or staff. This includes, but is not limited to, physical, social, online, or sexual harrassement.


Our counselors live, work, and play with the campers all day, every day, throughout the summer. This uniquely allows everyone at camp to get to know each other, and more importantly allows our counselor staff to quickly recognize when something is "off" with someone at camp. Our counselors go through several days of extensive training on how to identify and respond to homesickness, bullying, teasing, or any other emotional issue that may arise throughout the summer. In addition, if there are any known emotional or family issues that may affect your camper's experience, we strongly encourage you to contact our office so we may best respond to your camper's emotional needs.


At Fox, we take a parental approach to securing our camper's emotional safety. We strive to provide an experience that is nurturing, fair, and most importantly meets the needs of each camper. Our counselors work one-on-one with any camper who experiences emotional concerns, and our director staff have extensive experience with issues relating to homesickness, behavior, diversity, and other emotional needs.

External Hazards

At Fox, we are situated adjacent to the Cleveland National Forest near Lake Henshaw. As such, fires, severe weather, wild animals, and other physical hazards may arise at camp. Our staff are trained to identify and respond to the various natural and external hazards, and follow specific emergency procedures including how to count and properly supervise campers, how to notify administrative staff, and how and where to evacuate, if necessary. The director staff also holds the contact information for all campers to reach in the event of an emergency, and a second dedicated office staff are available to connect with parents in the unlikely event phones do go down at camp.

Safety at a Glance

Safety starts and ends with our staff. All staff undergo extensive background checks, including:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Thorough reference checks
  • Obtaining driving records (for our drivers)
  • Extensive interview and application process

To ensure a high quality team, our staff and training procedures also include the following:

  • Extensive staff training including comprehensive sessions on emergency procedures, crisis management, positive discipline, and child development
  • Onsite Camp Nurse (R.N.)
  • 24/7 supervision of all campers
  • An experienced and highly trained Director Team
  • Better than industry average counselor to camper ratio of 2:10
  • Our van drivers hold a Class B Commercial Driver's License with passenger endorsement, and each undergo extensive in-classroom training, behind the wheel training, and testing
  • Swimming supervised by in-house certified lifeguard staff
  • All activities instructed and supervised by trained and certified staff members
  • 24/7 communication available to directors in the event of an at-home emergency
  • Onsite and offsite administrative support for continutity of communication
  • Staff trained in strategies to identify and minimize homesickness