The Secret to a great summer camp

The Secret of Fox Mountain Adventures

What Makes Fox so Special?

Fun at Improv Camp in San Diego

Fox Mountain Adventures is developed on the simple belief that a high quality, intentional camp program gives campers incredible experiences and unique skills they need for lifelong success while having a ton of fun! We believe in a Camper First summer camp, meaning we always put the needs of youth as the foundation of all we do.
Our Camper First philosophy includes:

  • Being Accredited by the American Camp Association, following 250+ safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of all campers
  • Comfortable, air conditioned cabins ensuring campers are well-rested
  • Daily photos posted for parents and one-way emails to connect parents with campers throughout the week
  • Hiring a hand-picked, highly skilled staff to ensure campers are supervised, engaged, and included in the camp community
  • Offering some of the BEST and most INCREDIBLE camp activities anywhere in California!

Our Mission

"To challenge, develop, and entertain youth through traditional group-centered camp experiences that result in future long-term success"

At Fox Mountain, everything we do has been carefully selected to ensure it is 1.) safe and supervised, 2.) a ton of fun, 3.) able to offer opportunities for personal growth and development. We believe camp is a valuable investment in each camper, and we look forward to not only giving each camper a blast but also helping them discover new skills that will serve them for years to come. At Fox...

  • We don't just make movies, we practice collaboration, teambuilding, and leadership in a creative pursuit.
  • We don't just do skits at campfire, we gain experience public speaking, supporting others, and stepping out of our comfort zones.
  • We don't just hang out in cabins, we create friendships and learn "networking" rooted in finding common interests.
  • We don't just eat meals, we understand the importance of proper nutrition, table manners, and responsiblity of clearing dishes.